M. U. A.

Life Choices have been made this week. In addition to my three jobs and grad school to become a librarian I’ve decided to become a certified makeup artist! Here’s a little bit of my makeup history. At the elementary school and middle school I attended, private schools, makeup was not allowed so I did not even attempt a daily makeup routine until I was fifteen. And then it was pretty basic- brown eyeliner, pink eyeshadow, mascara, blush, lipgloss and out the door. And so it remained until I graduated high school.

My true ventures into the world of doing up my face so to speak happened in college, but not right away mind you. Freshmen year I stopped wearing makeup altogether. I was trying to figure out who I was as a lesbian and makeup didn’t seem to fit into the picture of my new openly gay identity. That changed. By sophomore year I had adapted back my makeup routine from high school with two small additions- eyeliner on my upper lid with an attempt at a wing, white liner on my lower lash line and BB cream on my face.

Then while living with five other girls in a dorm my junior year my eyes were opened- foundation, concealer, powders, bronzers, illuminators, glitter, colors, lipsticks, matte everything! I remember walking into Sephora not knowing a single brand having a friend pick out my first brow pomade and having to be taught how to do it and the weeks of brow experimentation that followed.

Now I’m a regular makeup brand encyclopedia and my makeup routine has transformed considerably. Within two and half years I’m pretty proud of how I paint my face. And I realized I went from having a few palettes, lipsticks, etc to a verifiable collection. See fig. 1 haha.


So you know in the purple bag are all my brushes, sponges, and other various application tools. In the kitty cat eye bag is everything face related- powders, bronzers, blushes, concealers, etc. And in the big aluminum case is everything eyes and lips except for a few eyeshadow pallets too large to fit! And everything is at capacity! But my collection is still ever growing…

What came with this new hobby of mine I was surprised to find was a regular following on my instagram (@DorkyAly). My follower numbers are growing every day as I used that social media platform to show off colored eyeliners and fun with themed looks such as my Halloween look of being a spider witch.


I love that spider beauty mark haha!

Anyway such looks and even my every day routine begat questions and those questions begat me deciding to start doing tutorials on youtube. I will be creating makeup tutorials not only for every day looks but themed ones and series- my first will be disney themed looks both suitable for everyday fun, a princess face look alike, and wild and crazy! I hope to begin posting soon. Moving into a new apartment has delayed this. However to watch them they will be posted on this blog and on youtube under the channel DesertOtaku (my cosplay handle)

And then on a whim I decided I wanted to become a certified makeup artist and put a little weight behind my skill and some additional training under my belt!