B.H. Cosmetics Unboxing!


​​​The products from this unboxing in the order they appear are as follows:

Glitter Eyeliner in Radiance

Forever Nide Aqua Gloss in Glazed Pecan

Brow Pencil in auburn

Blending Eye Trio 3 Piece Brush Set

And finally…Urban Luxe 99 Color Eyeshadow Palette! 
I know this unboxing was a bit flustered but it’s late and I’m tired haha anywho hope you enjoy!

A Jill of all Hobbies

I love to create. In case that hasn’t come across yet. And I don’t enjoy creating through only one platform. I love to write and do so often. A lot of my job is writing though you wouldn’t think it initially. I write emails all the time of course, but I’ve also written blurbs for brochures, announcements, press releases, library blogs, you name it. I write for myself in diaries. I’ve been journaling or attempting to as long as I can remember. My most solid time of keeping a diary was from fall of 2007-Spring of 2012. This chronicled most if not all of my middle and high school years. In my senior of high school I also wrote a fan fiction diary, which I’m not even sure if that makes sense. But if you don’t know fanfiction is where people go with their own stories for characters and lands that already exist in shows, movies, books, etc. and share these stories with other fans. I’ve written three of my own (two permanently on hiatus unfortunately) but this was different. This fanfiction was personal and not to be read but instead it was a post apocalyptic Superman story with a self-insert character that helped me get through the worst of my anxiety and depression. And for that reason that sad little fanfiction will never be deleted. I also write fiction and as I’ve expressed before if I can kick my ass into big enough gear someday I’ll pursue publishing what I’ve written.

Of course writing is not all I have fallen in love with. Though not very good at it I do love the serenity that comes with drawing and painting. And I use those meager skills to help in other hobbies- for example costuming (cosplay) and makeup. Cosplay is a hobby that requires a constant learning of trade skills and I love it for that reason. I’ve learned to sew, to re-imagine garments and miscellaneous knick knacks to create characters I love. recently in the past year I’ve gotten into makeup- a hobby that gives me a huge range of daily creative outlets.

I also recently learned how to loom knit and want to add that onto the list of things-that-keep-my-hands-busy-and-my-mind-sane. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately depends on how full you take your glass this leads the little librarian in me to want to read all I can and learn all I can about my new hobbies, old hobbies, beloved hobbies. This then leads me to check out zillions of books on such topics. I want to not only enjoy the things I do but be good  at them too. It’s a competitiveness that I have inherited from both sides of my family. We don’t just do things we excel at them. And its fun to put in the work to excel at them. So here I am currently buried in books from the library on writing blogs (wink wink) designing clothes, editing patterns, makeup artistry, as well as contributing to the other hobby I love ever so much- reading by having more for fun reading books out than I can get read before I must relinquish them. Ah this is the life though isn’t it?

M. U. A.

Life Choices have been made this week. In addition to my three jobs and grad school to become a librarian I’ve decided to become a certified makeup artist! Here’s a little bit of my makeup history. At the elementary school and middle school I attended, private schools, makeup was not allowed so I did not even attempt a daily makeup routine until I was fifteen. And then it was pretty basic- brown eyeliner, pink eyeshadow, mascara, blush, lipgloss and out the door. And so it remained until I graduated high school.

My true ventures into the world of doing up my face so to speak happened in college, but not right away mind you. Freshmen year I stopped wearing makeup altogether. I was trying to figure out who I was as a lesbian and makeup didn’t seem to fit into the picture of my new openly gay identity. That changed. By sophomore year I had adapted back my makeup routine from high school with two small additions- eyeliner on my upper lid with an attempt at a wing, white liner on my lower lash line and BB cream on my face.

Then while living with five other girls in a dorm my junior year my eyes were opened- foundation, concealer, powders, bronzers, illuminators, glitter, colors, lipsticks, matte everything! I remember walking into Sephora not knowing a single brand having a friend pick out my first brow pomade and having to be taught how to do it and the weeks of brow experimentation that followed.

Now I’m a regular makeup brand encyclopedia and my makeup routine has transformed considerably. Within two and half years I’m pretty proud of how I paint my face. And I realized I went from having a few palettes, lipsticks, etc to a verifiable collection. See fig. 1 haha.


So you know in the purple bag are all my brushes, sponges, and other various application tools. In the kitty cat eye bag is everything face related- powders, bronzers, blushes, concealers, etc. And in the big aluminum case is everything eyes and lips except for a few eyeshadow pallets too large to fit! And everything is at capacity! But my collection is still ever growing…

What came with this new hobby of mine I was surprised to find was a regular following on my instagram (@DorkyAly). My follower numbers are growing every day as I used that social media platform to show off colored eyeliners and fun with themed looks such as my Halloween look of being a spider witch.


I love that spider beauty mark haha!

Anyway such looks and even my every day routine begat questions and those questions begat me deciding to start doing tutorials on youtube. I will be creating makeup tutorials not only for every day looks but themed ones and series- my first will be disney themed looks both suitable for everyday fun, a princess face look alike, and wild and crazy! I hope to begin posting soon. Moving into a new apartment has delayed this. However to watch them they will be posted on this blog and on youtube under the channel DesertOtaku (my cosplay handle)

And then on a whim I decided I wanted to become a certified makeup artist and put a little weight behind my skill and some additional training under my belt!


Dread Mondays Nevermore!

Hello Readership! Or st lest hello to the readership I hope to grow! I have decided to create a schedule for myself with this blog and hopefully my own personal writing. I made two resolutions for 2017- get fit and get published! This blog is my personal blog so you can follow all and everything I do including all pertaining to my resolutions and the whims of my fancy.

Anyway the schedule is that every Monday a blog post will go up. Mondays are now my Sundays so its a perfect time for me to blog out my life over the last week. Life? What life? May you ask. Well this is how my life ha changed within the month of January of 2017 already. I’m moving into a gorgeous new apartment with my long term girlfriend who for the purpose of this blog I will call Skadoosh (IDK why?! that’s just what came to me). Skadoosh and I are excited about this step in our relationship. We’ve together for a year today actually woo!) though trying to get packing done has been an effort haha. Luckily my roommate (cue the nickname SoKo- for reasons of obvious South Korean obsession) and I have until March to get this place squared away. So I can kind of move in increments into the apartment with Skadoosh.

Along with this I have gotten a library job at my alma mater! I’m so excited! I worked there as a student for three years and now it is my home once more. So now to learn to supervise people! And I get to work on publishing as well, which may come in handy if I decide to self-publish. In addition I work at a Junior College library. And occasionally I babysit the cutest little boys. So I’m squared away for now finances wise, which is super new and weird to me.

And last but definitely not least I’m in full swing for my second semester of grad school to become a librarian! Yay!

Now what does this all mean for you my dear reader? Well a lot of my posts will be related to my life- living with Skadoosh, working at two academic libraries, and writing. They will also relate to my own interests and hobbies; writing novels, makeup, and crafting or cosplaying. So int he future these are the types of posts you will see on Mondays:

  • Slice of Life posts- rambles about personal life
  • Writing- updates on novels, short stories, and my quest to be published
  • Crafting/Cosplay- looks at what I create, tutorials and links to my etsy store; information on cons I am attending and cosplays I am making
  • Makeup/Fashion- I’m creating a makeup vlog on youtube soon following my own craziness in entering the makeup fandom. As well as designing and creating my own clothes and looks soon to be found on Instagram! So keep a look out for that!


I hope I entertain!


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