Winter Solstice 2015: Happy Yuletide!

This is winter solstice, the longest night of the year. Darkness reigns triumphant, yet gives away and changes into light. All is cold, and I await the coming of dawn. As the sun rises, the triple goddess once more gives birth to the divine child. In silence and wonder I stand before the sacred cauldron of rebirth, knowing that one day I too must pass through the cauldron and be reborn. For this I now give honor to the triple goddess.”

Found this little piece for the solstice online. Having grown up Christian and then converted to Paganism finding the parallels are so interesting. While in Burning Alexandria, I don’t much allude to the majority religion Christianity, it is interesting to note in my own life.

Burning Alexandria is a work in progress, soon to be published independently by the author. It is a historical Supernatural young adult work of fiction. Follow me here to hear all the latest!


Happy Yuletide! (and Merry Christmas!)


A.P. Runke


Hello! And Welcome to my author blog. It will be filled with the most random things I decide to post. Right now Me, my books, etc. are all babies in this world. I’m writing a book called Burning Alexandria and I am hell bent on getting it published. However I am doing so through self-publishing. And I want to do the self-publishing route the right way. To do this takes a looooot of money. Money I don’t have so I’m trying to reach out to the internet book loving community in hope they will support me, even just a little. Because if I can reach that magic number then I will have a real product. A real book well written, edited, and covered available for you. Which then mean I can get started on the next, and the next, and the next. I have two other unfinished drafts of novels awaiting my attention and one more idea. That’s a total of four books full of kooky characters and new worlds that you can enjoy. Just ya know join me!

Here is the link to my IndieGoGo for Burning Alexandria. On it is an excerpt of the book. Tell me what you think, if you are interested. Don’t let me shout out into the void and hear no echo okay?


-A.P. Runke